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At Fame Luxury Stone we offer design assistance and work closely with our clients every step of the way to ensure they get the best quality tile and stone within their set budget. We take every aspect into consideration so our clients can purchase with confidence. We educate them and consult regularly throughout the process. Our relationships with exporters all over the world allow us to bring any vision to life. On large scale jobs we are happy to custom order stone in advance.

about fame

Fame comes from a long family lineage of international stone suppliers. Her innate passion resonates in the beauty of her carefully selected imports. She possesses an in depth knowledge of stone that simplifies the purchasing process for her clientele. She has branded herself in the luxury market supplying for some of the most impressive properties and establishing herself as a trusted source for quality stone. Having strong ties to quarries around the world she is known for her vast collection of slabs that are featured "gallery style" in her warehouse. Fame Luxury Stone was launched with designers, architects and developers in mind. It is a resource for superior selections at the best quality.

Fame is available by appointment to assist clients in getting a deeper understanding of their selections and installations.

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